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What We Do

Baker Financial Services is dedicated to providing financial planning and investment management for individuals, families, trusts and retirement plans. As stewards of our clients’ financial dreams, we believe that developing and maintaining an investment and financial plan is critical to success. Since your financial objectives are unique, our advice is customized for your specific goals and we strive to provide a quality plan regardless of whether you are saving your first dollar or are currently retired.

Services offered:

Financial Planning

We act as the architect of the financial plan, which we view as the blueprint used to create a design that reflects the goals, objectives and dreams of the client. As advisors, we are able to create the structure that incorporates all areas of the clients’ financial life and goals based upon our experience, understanding and creativity. Since it is our belief that financial planning is a dynamic process and not a one-time event, we always see our role as ongoing and constantly evolving with our clients.

Asset Management

We build portfolios using an asset allocation approach, which employs large capitalization, mid capitalization and small capitalization stocks with both a growth and value bias. In addition, global and sector stocks (such as real estate, health care, energy….etc) are utilized to round out the portfolio if appropriate. When creating each custom portfolio, a broad universe of exchange traded funds and actively managed mutual funds are considered. We consistently screen each holding to make sure that the investment is in line with the clients’ risk tolerance and financial goals and that their long term track record meets our initial expectation. Other selection criteria include reasonable expense ratios, acceptable risk levels and managers that add value above their peer average. We then break down portfolios into five areas:

Fixed Income -

Individual bonds, bond mutual funds, certificates of deposit and fixed annuities are used to provide income and reduce volatility. We diversify by credit quality, including, but not limited to U.S. Treasuries, investment grade corporate bonds, municipal bonds and high yield corporate bonds.

Core -

Active mutual fund managers as well as passively managed index funds are utilized creating a broadly diversified core of large cap, mid cap and small cap domestic stocks.

Tactical –

This part of the portfolio emphasizes investments by a defensive or aggressive investment objective. These holdings can vary across all market caps as well as various segments and sectors of the market.

Depending on market conditions, this area of the portfolio could be aggressively or conservatively positioned.

Sector –

Various sectors of the stock market are emphasized. Real estate, healthcare, technology, consumer discretionary, energy….etc.

Global –

Global investments are diversified by size, style and location.


Other areas of guidance include:

Estate planning

Social security planning

Insurance and risk planning including life, health, disability and long term care.

Retirement income planning